Seamus Scanlon – A hAon, a Dó, a Trí


Seamus Scanlon is an associate professor and a Carnegie Corporation/New York Times awardwinning librarian at the City College of New York’s Center for Worker Education. He is a native of Galway, Ireland and a graduate of University College Galway, the University of West London, and the City College of New York. Recent achievements include a residency at the McDowell Artists Colony and an emerging writer fellowship from the Center for Fiction in New York. His latest theater project ‘Dancing at Lunacy’ ran during March 2012 at the cell theater in New York to enthusiastic reviews for example in the Huffington Post. The sequel ‘I Am Harm’ is nearing completion. His work has appeared in the Irish Times, the Sunday Tribune, Promethean, Journal of Experimental Fiction, Review of Post Graduate English Studies, Global City Review, Fish Publishing Anthologies, the Roanoke Review and Gemini Magazine.


A hAon, a Dó, a Trí

I was born and braised in Galway.
Perfect skin.
Made in sin.
A Bohermore beauty from a corrupt mare.
A bastard fair with sartorial flair.

A blue eyed stare is what I hate with.
I never cry.
I never falter.
Up the Cathedral marble floor
I slowly saunter
In a fucken halter top
That melts the altar.

Brass, as bold as, my mother vented.
Bountiful blood-flow wise I presented.
Boot boys bored my fucken head off.

Breasts beguiled me in the grey Galway light
Poor Clare bodices on a Sunday night
Blue energy light came through me
And knocked me out.

Bless me sister I am a daughter.
I’m Zelda
I don’t like fellas like I oughta.

My mother said Zelda you will break my heart.
I shoved her down the stairs – she called me a tart.
I clip-cloped down the steps
In my new slip backs
I said – do me a favor Mammy
Die fucken real quick
You lay with a murder man
And now you have me.
I’m Zelda.
I’ll kill ya.
A hAon, a Dó, a Trí

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