Daniel Sammon – Albert Reynolds

dadDaniel Sammon lives in Renvyle, Co Galway. Always keenly aware of the high price that was paid for Irish Freedom and Independence he walked in 2009 from Renvyle to Dublin to commemorate and celebrate the 1916 Easter Rising and all the great men and women who fought and died for Irish freedom down through the centuries. The story of this Walk is recorded in his first book, launched in 2010, called My Great Walk Across Ireland. In 2011 he took up academic studies again earining a Certificate of Distinction in Legal Studies. During this year published a book of poetry to celebrate his sixtieth birthday the same year.This book is called Take Your Ease & Rest Awhile, Enjoy Some Poetry From Renvyle. The following year 2012 he achieved a Certificate of Distinction in Self-Employed Accountancy & Taxation from Kilroy’s College in Dublin. In 2013 he went back to the Open College in Dublin and received once again a Certificate of Distinction in Creative Writing. Now in 2014 he is on the cusp of launching his next book called Saints of Connemara Coast & Other Stories.



Albert Reynolds

In 2014 at the Michael Collins Commemoration
Prayers were recited for Albert Reynolds’ salvation
Even in his death, he was a healer of divisions
Caused by Treaties long ago and political decisions
In a long time from now it will be recorded in a book
The passionate Oration that was given by George Hook

The very next day in dear Old Dublin town
Albert was laid to rest as the rain came pouring down
Reynolds and Collins were both Ministers for Finance
But Albert will be remembered for the Ballrooms of Romance
And now after the State Funeral, as Albert rests in peace
His example we should follow and never should we cease

It may be an Irish habit but even so it does amaze
How the press and the media didn’t give him much praise
For the great work he did, while he was still around
Cause a nicer guy than Albert was not so easy to be found
There is always a way, around disagreements and strife
But finding the solutions was one of the joys of his life

There’s not so many people when their respects they go to pay
In Donnybrook in Dublin, cause from the West it is a long way
Travelling from Renvyle it takes a special gradh
To go all the way to Dublin going through Beal na mBlath
To meet his friends and family and with them to sympathise
Sharing their grief and sorrow as all Ireland did empathise

Albert, Rest well, rest well, all your toil is at an end
You who knew it so well, you will break if you don’t bend
When politicans were afraid to talk to the men of Ardoyne
You grasped the opportunity, you knew it was God’s sign
Together with John Major, Martin, Gerry and Bill.
Intercede for us all, as you rest forever in Dublin’s Shankill.



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