Barry Mc Glynn – Ensoul

BarryBarry Mc Glynn was born and raised in Sligo, after attaining a degree in English and Classic Civilisations Barry decided to make Galway his home. With the birth of his son Evan his desire to write and be published has been re ignited. Barry writes in the form of poetry but recently has inked his page in the shape of short stories. But he has left no writing style untested.



From minute one we connected,
Your eyes told me a story,
The truth was in the detail,
And while I was severing,
Every tie I had with my old mind,
We formed a bond that cannot be broken.

Every day I feel as though I am coming up short,
And every tomorrow you give me another chance,
Seasons of love and despair pass over,
Life becomes the job and you are the reward,
The feeling of new hope is my total world.

With every beat of my heart,
I feel more than I ever have before,
The word love seems insignificant,
Compared to the sum of feeling you have unlocked within me,
So I tell you the truth with every sentence,
Hoping that you always know how much I care.

A vague memory is my life that was,
As I move forward with renewed grace,
So let us rejoice in this bridge between us,
And bring together two beating hearts,
To end a lifetime of wanting.
In every sense of the term, you saved me.

Please understand that I want nothing from you,
You have already given me more than I deserve,
I feel as the burning candle does,
So full of life and fire,
That each day may have light at the end of it,
And within is calm and honest.

So today I give to the world,
A piece of my soul,
As I am capable of giving from my plentiful supply,
Where there once was darkness there is now only light,
This is what you have done for me.
This is how you brought me back to life.


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