Barry Mc Glynn – Open Eyes

BarryBarry Mc Glynn was born and raised in Sligo, after attaining a degree in English and Classic Civilisations Barry decided to make Galway his home. With the birth of his son Evan his desire to write and be published has been re ignited. Barry writes in the form of poetry but recently has inked his page in the shape of short stories. But he has left no writing style untested.


Open Eyes

Fairness, greed, freedom, and future,
I hear these words all the time in my true society,
But do these words mean anything anymore?
Or are they tokens to please the masses.

When I first perceived free society,
These were not the first words to come to my mind.
Equality, peace, care, and honesty,
These are much more admiral qualities of society.

When I observed this society I live in,
My heart broke a thousand times over at the sight,
Of these words being forgotten and,
Equally admirable qualities being used as ammunition for personal attacks.

I want to see a society where I can be free to create,
To make my own choices, good or bad,
To live as a man and not a quantity of revenue,
To earn respect, give respect, and maintain my drive to build,
Something True.



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