Davide Cortese – Under the skin

davidecorteseDavide Cortese (Italian poet from Lipari island). Cortese puts great passion in describing the depth and richness of his former universe. His poems and drawings fire up the imagination, illuminating, arousing emotions and evoking distant, beautiful worlds, letting us sense the intimate sweetness of man, his sacred nature as a living being. Davide Cortese, as his works show, is a melancholic yet sunny, fragile yet powerful, a dreaming visionary and clever explorer of life: a truly contradictory artist who expresses himself, by crying out load and keeping quiet, pointing with a finger to his loneliness.


Under the skin

Under the skin
i have forays of disquiet,
migrations and flights of desires,
wanderings of sadness.
Under the skin, without mercy,
a fiery solitude burns
my teeming multitudes.
An icy flame
grazes me with cruel truths.
A fire without love
that burns as love.
My skin is ash of poetry,
My heart a burning coal.
a scorching black bread
for the hunger of a mysterious demon.
I’m the berry of a smiling pain.
The black fable of a woman of snow.
Enshrined by a secret,
i  breathe the salt of a forbidden journey.
I caress the spectrum of the lover,
together we keep silent my chant.

Translation by Fabiano Balzamino
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