Sharon Quigley – Two poems

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Sharon Quigley is a graduate of NUIG and GMIT, living in Salthill, Galway. She studied History&Archaeology and Hotel Management. She has managed to combine her work and love of culture with her love of travelling, which was the best education she ever had. She has travelled and worked in the UK, USA and Israel, and is delighted now to be back home in Galway.

Fatal Attraction –A Dinner date

I saw your eyes from across the room
I heard my heart go boom , boom, boom
When I first saw you, you were cool and blue
It took one glance, and I knew
I asked this guy to grab you for me
Which he promptly did before you could flee
He took you away for a short while
The mere thought of you made me smile

I snuck a look from behind the door
As he walked with you across the floor
The room was hot and steamy too
He whispered quietly, then patted you
Your cool exterior melted in a rush
You turned quite pink , I saw your blush
He brought you over to where I sat
Introducing you, with a brief chat

I poised for a moment, and stroked your back
Then grabbed a leg, and let it crack
I smiled at you, and began to salivate
You my lobster, my dinner date
The garlic butter drizzled down my chin
Who said gluttony was a sin?!
You tasted devine , washed down with wine
When I first saw you, I knew you’d be mine!

I laid back into my chair, stretched my arms and flicked my hair
As satisfied as any queen in her lair
You now lay smashed and broken on my plate
I no longer felt the need to salivate
You were, for me, a delight, a delicious scene
But I guess, for you, it was the worse place you’d been!
But thank you lobster for the lovely date
And I‘m sorry I had to choose your fate!

Post-Recessionary Fairytale

There is a forest, far, far away
Where the inhabitants are magical but normal, in a way……..
This enchanted wood floats up very high
Higher than the clouds, lost in the sky
It’s inhabitants are special and magical too
and make your wishes and dreams come true

Red Riding is ‘in the good hood’
and avoiding wolves within the wood
She visits her Granny every day
And has learned this time not to stray
But, the big bad wolf is not around
He’s scaring the pigs in the other town
They built with straw and they built with sticks
And now he’s stumped ‘cos they built with bricks!

The far side of the forest the bad ones dwell
They live near the swamp which really smells
Bluebeard had too many wives
And alas for them they lost their lives
The big bad wolf often hangs out here
Smoking pot and drinking beer
The Snow Queen lives here with her troll
Semi-retired and on the dole

Goldi Locks has no cares
She’s now best friends with all 3 bears
Sleeping beauty is her new best friend
And is great for advice on the latest trend
Snow white is back, living with the Dwarfs
Fell out with the Prince and got divorced
All three maidens are single again
and planning a holiday soon, to Spain

Hansel and Gretel live in the same wood
But don’t really socialise with the neighbourhood
Beauty and the Beast are fantastic party hosts
And their palace is the one that gets visitors the most
Pinocchio and Guiseppe have since moved on
and the Ugly Duckling is still a swan
He lives on a pond with the Golden Goose
Who shares his love for Dr Seuss

Rumplestiltskin has changed his name
To the better sounding John James
His next door neighbour (in the apartment above)
Is Princess Rapunzel and her brood of doves
Her hair is now bobbed, for ease of style
It slowed her down, now she can run a mile!
Cinderella is still with her fella, the very handsome prince
And even her fairy godmother has also married since

There is a forest, far , far away
Where the inhabitants are magical but special in a way……..
This enchanted place is always there
In your imagination , that is where
It’s inhabitants are special and magical too
But very normal , like me and you.

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