Máire Morrissey-Cummins – Three poems

maireMáire Morrissey-Cummins is from Waterford.  After working for many years in the Financial Sector, she lately has found the wonder of poetry and art. She loves to get lost in words and paint. She is a member of the Irish Haiku Society and Haiku Ireland and has been published in Bamboo Dreams, an anthology of Irish Haiku Writers. She has been published by Wordlegs, Bray Arts, Newsfour,Every Day Poets, Your Daily Poem, Senior Times, and many other e-zines and print magazines.

Banbridge Tapestry

Broad ash bracelet the fields
heavily planted with cabbages.
Hedgerows of haw, sloe, blackberry
and scarlet beads of honeysuckle
thread along the borders,
throbbing with Autumn.

Through the window
there is one forlorn meadow
tender with wild seed,

and on this first rain-soaked day
I find myself colouring it
with yesterdays sunshine
where there is still birdsong
in a hot blue sky.

Silent Fall

This morning the sun fell silent
bathing the grass in a blaze of light.
Leaves glittered wet
with September dew.
rowan berries clustered red
the garden soaked up summer’s end,
preparing for the fall.

Blood Red Sun

We lie side by side
in the shadows,
beneath the fire
of a Turkish sun,
listening to the whistling pine
as it twists to the shift of the wind

You decorate my hair
with scarlet hibiscus,
adorn my ankles
with jingling shells.
I perfume my skin with stars of jasmine
and paint my nails a startling red.

We sip Rize tea
from slender glasses,
savour almond cake
drizzled in honey,
slices of mango
and fat figs from the trees.

We dance to the swish
of coconut fronds
and the heady scent
of dust laden winds
crossing the desert.

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