Ilire Zajmi – Two poems

0Ilire Zajmi is writer and journalist from Prishtina, Kosovo. Author of eight books, some of them published in Portugal,and English language. (Corpos Editora Publisher). Author of one novel, and a non-fiction book “Un treno per Blace” published in Italian language, 1999 in Italy by Edizioni la Medridiana. “Television pictures and reality”, published by Saga Publishing House. Ilire ‘s poems have been translated in English, French, Italian, Portugese, Montenegrin, Bosniac etc. Her poems have been published in many literary anthologies in Europe and USA. Ilire Zajmi is winer of special price for poetry “Venttenale” in the international poetry contest held in Milan -Italy in the 20th Edition 2011.


All day long
I stare at people walking by
I drink bitter coffee, smoke cheap cigarettes
In front and behind my back I don’t see anyone
I flirt with men that I don’t like
Tell jokes and don’t laugh
Write poems in the moonlight
And rip them under sunlight
Given promises in the morning
In the evening I forget
I walk away from life and she taunts me
I’m frightened from forgetfulness
More than I do from the fire
And I feel lonely
As a wounded beast in the cage
Will I be completely
Dead when I die?


This is the end my friend
The end of the dream of sunrise
This is the end of the story
That hasn’t begun yet
This is the end of temptation
Of insipid seen
This is the end of failure
Nights without witnesses
This is the end of erotic
Delayed kisses
This is the end of the love
That is not born yet
This is end my friend
The endless end of life – death
And you are still waiting opened eyes
The end of the game.

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