Steven Timothy – At the door my father stands

Photo (3)Steven Timothy is a Galway native. Growing up in the Westside area, he used the Westside of his youth as inspiration for his poetry. Steven is a graduate of NUIG having completed a degree in Arts followed by a Masters in Arts. He has been writing poetry on and off since he was 12. 

At the door my father stands

Up, up, up ‘is he up yet?’
Blurred voices from below.
Brush handle drums the ceiling,
clock ringing upon a biscuit tin.

A self created downey cave,
protects of what is assumed from the crystallised dew.
Slowed cars, tyres squeezing, punishing compacted snow.

Awakened, vision clears,
shivers fight my movements.
The joyous sound of the children.
At the door my father stands,
will walk me there hand in hand.

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