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oliverOliver Flanagan is the author of several poems and two short stories, including “Love Shadows”, his award winning entry for the Write-a-Book project run by the Galway Education Centre. He lives in Galway, and in June 2013 graduated from St. Joseph’s Special School at the age of 18. Oliver is a young man with autism. He is passionate about his writing and Oliver would dearly love to work as a script writer. See more http://vimeo.com/43183860

Love Shadows

By Oliver Flanagan

Chapter 1:

Corinne was making her way towards the church when she bumped into Nickohli and she said “Oops I’m sorry”. She had expected to have bumped into a random stranger but, as she looked up she saw a familiar face gazing back at her……

Nickohli stared deeply into her soft blue eyes, he was captivated by her beauty. She asked him expectantly “Are you going somewhere?” He could hardly speak, such was his admiration for this beautiful vision before him. “I’m going to the Tower of Paris, will you come with me?” he stuttered.

“Oh, kind Sir I would love to, but I have a prior engagement”.  “Another time perhaps?” Corinne was flattered by his advances.

She was heading towards the church to meet up with Yuri when this unexpected encounter took place. Yuri was her childhood sweetheart and, at 27, he was already beginning to show signs of ageing. He was not as carefree as he used to be and now Nickohli was looking very attractive…..

Corinne was beginning to wonder had she made a mistake by not accepting Nickohli’s kind offer…. She made her way across the courtyard to the church where she could just make out the silhouette of a young man; Yuri.

Yuri sensed her presence and turned to greet her. She noticed the lines etched on his face; he looked tired, perturbed almost. It was as if he sensed that she no longer loved him.

He said “What took you so long, we are going to miss the Service”. Corinne hesitated momentarily, she could not understand why Yuri was suddenly so impatient. Had he seen her talking to Nickohli? she wondered.

Yuri reached for her hand to guide her into the church. He knew that today was a difficult day for Corinne; it was the day she would say Goodbye to her beloved grandfather for ever….

As they departed the church the priest said; “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, may the Lord be with him for ever and ever. Amen”.

As they lowered his body into the ground Corinne wept as she recalled fond memories of the grandfather who had raised her from childhood.

Corinne made her excuses following the burial and returned home. She could not bear to be with Yuri now, as she felt guilty as all her thoughts were of Nickohli…….

Chapter 2:

That night Corinne could not sleep; her thoughts alternated between the loss of her grandfather, her indifference toward Yuri and her love for Nickohli. The poor girl was overcome with grief and frustration.

A storm was brewing up outside, the lightning flashed and the thunder roared, the rain lashed against the window pane, the wind howling fiercely outside.

Suddenly, there was a tap on the window, Corinne was, at first unsure; the tapping continued, each time becoming more urgent.

Corinne sheepishly went toward the window and drew back the drapes. There, before her on the balcony outside was Nickohli.

Their eyes met and their love for each other was palpable. Nickohli’s skin was glistening with rain, his hair dishevelled and his clothing damp and soiled. But one could not mistake the lovelorn look in his eyes. Corinne recognised this immediately as she looked into his intense green eyes searchingly.

She hesitated briefly before flinging the terrace doors open and throwing herself into his strong masculine arms.

In the distance, in a wooded area behind the trees lurked Alex, the local paperboy turned informant.

He had followed Nickohli from the city and had been waiting with baited breath for this moment….

Alex at 17 had youth on his side, he was orphaned at the age of 12 when his parents were killed in a landmine explosion in Serbia. Raised by his uncle, a Nazi soldier by the name of Vulkan Rianoff, the boy had grown up devoid of human emotion.

Vulkan Rianoff fought in battle against Nickohli’s father. The two men were arch enemies. Vulkan lost his left eye during a duel with Vladimir forty years ago, they had fought long and hard for the affections of a beautiful woman- Anastassia Kinski. Vladimir won his bride and Vulkan vowed to get his revenge….

Chapter 3.

Nickohli and Corinne shared some wine to toast her grandfather. As the clock struck midnight they kissed by moonlight. There lurking in the shadows was Alex plotting revenge on behalf of his uncle Vulkan.

Meanwhile Yuri was beside himself with grief. He had returned to the church and was pondering on his misfortune, overwraught with emotion. He had been aware for some time that Corinne no longer loved him but had only now realised that his beloved had strong feelings for another…. Yuri had witnessed the exchange between Corinne and Nickohli earlier that day. For a brief moment he thought of killing Nickohli but instantly realised that Corinne would never forgive him.

Corinne knew Nickohli since her early childhood. There was always a fondness between the two of them however, this affection grew over the years….

Meanwhile in the church, a jindoo dog was getting ready to pounce from behind the altar.

The dog bounded towards Yuri; he looked fierce, then as he approached his eyes softened and, as both he and Yuri’s eyes met, the dog could clearly see how wounded Yuri was feeling. He licked Yuri’s fingers and then went on to lick his tears.

What Yuri did not realise was that this fierce creature had been sent by Vulkan to tear Nickohli to pieces…..

Alex prepared to plot revenge on Nickohli Rianoff. He assembled the poison arrow on the bow and aimed toward the terrace where Corinne and Nickohli stood transfixed by one another. He shot the arrow and within seconds he heard a shriek and saw the silhouette of a person fall from the balcony. He had succeeded in ending the life of Nickohli or had he?

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