Carmel Harris – THE PROMENADE


(For Anne)

They run and they walk in their teens or their prime.
They have been running and walking here ever since time
Has granted this freedom to release all their pain.
Now they run and they walk in the wind and the rain.

Or in Summer when sun shines so bright in the sky.
They are beating this concrete, yearning to fly
Far away from their suffering, their heartache, their sorrow.
Some are searching for peace.
Others search for tomorrow.

And some are here only to breathe of the air.
Or forget about life, even those whom they care.
And others walk on and look down at the ground.
They want to remain nameless and not to be found.

And those that are happy and wanting to talk,
They smile and they wave as they run or they walk.
Past the face in the crowd they may know or may not.
Past the person whos drowning, who we all have forgot.

And I have been all as I run and I walk.
Some days I smile and then others I balk
At the person who reaches out to me in fear,
Or the person whos grieving for someone, so dear.

But some who were anguished, who could not be saved
They no longer run or they walk, as they now lie in their grave
In a cold windswept ocean their souls now at peace.
Their lifetime of suffering, finally ceased.

So we run and we walk, some away from the past.
Or clinging desperately to dreams in the hope they will last.
And all that have reason to be here, to go on.
We just keep on running and walking this Prom.

Carmel Harris

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