Mark Nenadov – Histamines

markMark Nenadov is a poet from Essex, Ontario, Canada. He lives with his lovely wife and their wonderful young daughter. Mark recently had a poem featured in the Whiskey Sour City anthology published by Black Moss Press. His work has been featured in numerous publications such as Shot Glass Journal, Northern Michigan University’s The Lightkeeper, The Blue Hour Magazine, and Northern Cardinal Review. See for more details.




Tissues pile up
like fall leaves littering the ground,
getting into that hard to get at place
behind the trash bin.
They hide just like
creatures that go
bump in the night.

That’s exactly how
you know spring is here,
the weather is wonderful
and the tulips are starting
to roll out their red carpets,
but I’m miserable.

My nose bears battle wounds.
My eyes itch.
Just like a star-nosed mole
with a bad case of the gout
rolling around in
a fresh patch of poison ivy
just before
getting run over by a lawnmower.




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