1d87aa51362428466Christine Murray is a City and Guilds Stone-cutter. Her poetry is published in Ropes Magazine, Crannóg Magazine, The Burning Bush Online Revival Meeting (Issue 1), Carty’s Poetry Journal, Caper Literary Journal , CanCan,  The Southword Journal (MLC),  A New Ulster and the Diversity Blog (PIWWC; PEN International Women Writer’s Committee). Her poem for three voices, Lament, was performed at the Béal festival in 2012.Chris writes a poetry blog  called Poethead which is dedicated to the writing, editing and translation of women writers. She is a member of the  International PEN Women Writer’s Committee, and the Social Media coordinator and Web-developer for Irish PEN.


Roadlake rushes to, pours
its pools onto the pathways.
Mercury-mirrors dot them,
imaging the trees’ dark sway.


Dawnsong onesong, a lonesong
of blackbird, wren or thrush
note rises. Pipe-up to crescendo
at tree’s-apex’ spring’s green-rush

Onesong arises, dawn’s aubade.
Two songs, lonesong or more
sweet the air. An after-storm.
From the tree, the bird soars.