Jack-Byrne-New-PicJack Byrne lives in Newtownmountkennedy in Co. Wicklow. He has  been writing poetry and short stories for almost 40 years and had publishing success in Magazines and Anthologies in Ireland , UK, and USA also many online journals. He published mainly traditional poetry and a form of Oriental poetry called haiku/senryu/haiga. He is a member of haiku soc. of Ireland.

Belfast Return

Samson and Goliath ,you’re still here
proud on the banks of the Lagan
you witnessed it all, still standing tall
and knew that our poor hearts were sagging

Out to the west of you touching the sky
are the mountains of Davis and Black
they know of the peoples struggles
and have seen  every  soldier attack

For thirty long years a tormented city
of anarchy murder and bomb
 frightened souls fleeing their homes
not sure what they’re fleeing from

Armoured cars , and security checks
and murals of heroes all
 Samson and Goliath, you’re still here
and you’re still standing tall

There’s a peace here now, a fragile peace
God knows it was a long time coming
oh what joy to see a smile on the face
and no more helicopters humming.



What is wrong with this great world of ours?
where people kill people without shame,
surely it’s not what was meant to be
so tell me who is to blame?

What is the reason for all our wars?
and all those cities  aflame
is it all greed, with a lust for power?
can you tell me who is to blame?

Why do some hunger and struggle with life
while others strive to gain fame,
this can’t be helping each other  survive
if so then who is to blame ?

How come we all don’t receive a fair chance?
to allow us to join in life’s game,
what is the reason of everyman for himself?
there has to be someone to blame.

I guess this answer may never be known
 there’s no single person to name,
one thing is sure it will go on and on
is  mankind  the one to blame.?



Five year old Leroy opened his eyes
to the sound of his Mothers voice
“you gotta get up for school darling boy,
and I’m not gonna call you twice”

December fourteenth a fine sunny day
when  Leroy hopped onto the bus
a kiss on his cheek and a hug from Mum
her darling boy was gone without fuss

But this was the day when a monster came
and little Leroy’s school it chose
amid the screams of his nineteen friends
this five year olds eyes were closed.



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  1. eikenlaan says:

    Jack, wonderful to see your poems here, I sent some in also and some haiku. I love your poem about Leroy, so sad all those little lives cut short. Maire x

  2. What a nice idea to write a tribute to Belfast’s iconic ship building cranes, Jack! 🙂

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