Three poems by Ann Egan

ann eganAnn Egan, a multi-award winning poet, has held many residencies in counties, hospitals, schools, secure residencies and prisons. Her books are: Landing the Sea (Bradshaw Books); The Wren Women (Black Mountain Press); Brigit of Kildare (Kildare Library and Arts Services) and Telling Time, (Bradshaw Books, 2012). Her poetry was broadcast on radio. Widely published in Ireland and abroad, she is the editor of twenty-one books; Guest Editor 2010 – ‘The Midlands Arts and Culture Review;’ currently writer-in-residence to Naas Housing Association.


Three poems by Ann Egan


Stars in a Stream

On banks of the brook

I see stars that have

fallen from the sky.


Gathered all together

in gleams of whiteness,

they shine hope in darkness.



Old Forest

I walk in your stillness, great forest,

hear a distance in your trees’s sighs.

Your heart beats out a rhythm,

came from heavens of the past,


heavens of the future, heavens of now.

I walk in your being, your staying,

in your own domain, your rooted way.

Shades craft ceilings above me,


disperse light in all forms of shadows,

shapes of brightness, colours held in leaf.

Letting breezes through branches,

you compose a song of many tunes,


cries out to me at times of joy,

times of sorrow, weight of raindrops

burdens leaves’ forebearance to

a rainstorm of wails, a river of tears.


Kindhearted forest, you settle,

reach me in evening’s quiet,

in mysteries of dew that link

fallen boughs to green branches.


And in the powerful tranquillity

of your heart, I walk in company

with your own self of long ago,

of now and tomorrow.




I wait by the place in the forest

where silence is guarded by the wind,

questions are ravelled in leaves.


Ideas rise and dip by a pathway,

shine from tips of ferns, arc of daisy,

cast-off branches, clay mouldings.


They leap across my hope’s chasm,

longer than my life’s listening.

I pray they’ll rock the loss in me.



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