Two poems by Honor Duff

honor profile 2Honor Duff is a native of Dublin but has been living in rural Cavan for the past several years. She has had poems published in Crannog, The Stony Thursday Book, Boyne Berries, Windows Authors & Artists; was placed third in the 2012 Goldsmith Poetry Festival, and commended in the 2010 and 2012 Francis Ledwidge Poetry Award.


Two poems by Honor Duff



The ‘Sursum corda” of the birds

in the early morning light

raises great expectations.


“God is Good –

and the Devil’s not a bad fellow”,

was my mother’s mantra.


I watch a charm of goldfinch

feeding on thistles.

My heart rises.




The air is so heavy, I can barely breathe.

The charming rooom was somehow fraught with ghosts,

as Linden flower incense caught the throat.

And were they drawn inexorably by praise

of ornate moulded ceiling, hand-carved door,

or was it the stark comment of my hosts:

“This was a Jewish family home before…”

Thunder of boots upon the stairs.

Rifles batter our hand-carved door.

We  draw together, say a prayer,

Out! Out! The stident voices roar.


I shudder, and they ask if I am cold?

no, just a goose that walked across my grave.

They have the same expression, I am told.

We laugh politely, situation saved.


The night oppressive,

we move out for air

upon the balcony, but,

there was none to spare.


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