Maria Tivnan is orginally from Boyle, Co.Roscommon. She began studying psychology at NUIG in 2001, and has lived in Galway since. Maria is the artistic director of Galway based theatre company Fregoli, she has written two plays with Fregoli The Sweet Shop and Let me Be. She also works with the Bohermore Youth Development Project in Galway city.


Two poems by Maria Tivnan


Sometimes I walk on walls

Sometimes I walk on walls,
Because I cannot face the ground,
My weight upon the earth is too much for me right now
So I choose childhood,
Awkwardness, release
A balancing act without preconceived risk,
A short-lived, hop; freedom of step


For Nia
I keep you as an untold story,
Its words wrapped around my heart,
Little letters adorned with hope,
Unrealised; eternal.