A poem by Laurie Allen

 Laurie Allen holds M. A. in Health Promotion from NUI Galway, and B. A. in Anthropology and Communications from  GoldsmithUniversity, London. She worked as a Health Promotion Tutor with HSE, and in various film projects, including Co- producer for ‘Welcome To Our World’. Allen worked as a researcher for Puddle Pictures in creating  documentaries on suicide and alcoholism. She acted in two of Margaretta D’arcy’s productions, one concerning whistle blowing and as a pussy rioter in Kilkee playwriters festival.


A poem by Laurie Allen


Road chill

You left to cross the road

But the grim reaper had come to claim prey

And with magnificent synchronicity

Raised his glittering sword

Scythed you down

Your execution quick, clean

The cut deep excised with extreme acuity

The wound still fresh with us


The sythe glistening crimson

Grim reaper you have left a hole

No healing or filling up

No gentle lapsing of time

Salving the pain

There lies a vivid red scar.

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