Two poems by Allison Long

Allison Long is from Virginia and holds a M.A. in Writing from NUI Galway.

She writes fiction and poetry and contributes book reviews to her local newspaper.

She currently lives in Newport, Virginia.


Two poems by Allison Long

blue eyes

blue eyes
and still you insist
something other

blue eyes
and still you see
nothing else

blue eyes
and still you declare

blue eyes
and still you crave
deeper meaning

blue eyes
and still you demand

blue eyes
and still you can’t
love me

just me and that blue.


the girl you promised
and yet nothing at all

that blue

you know the one
and no one else


who waited for you
and kept waiting

that blue

the type you find
except that once


the one you didn’t
but you needed

that blue was me.


that broke the pattern
into tiny blue china



I would not know your face

though it hovers in the corner

of my left eye in fragments of memory

closing in where the pain is sharpest


did I meet your mother?

were we holding hands?

that story- it was about you.

you leapt from my first story window

to watch the fireworks and when

it rained, your body was a dark silhouette

against the smoke and steel and sky

you never came home

though I’m sure you were there

while I slept

Did we love each other?

Were your eyes green or were mine?

I can’t seem to remember.
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