Five poems by Pd Lyons

Pd Lyons’s work has appeared in many magazine and zines through out the world. two collections of work has bee published by Lapwing Belfast. originally from the US has been a resident of Ireland for years now. For more information please visit pdlyons on face book or blog at :


Five poems by Pd Lyons


black beret
rich with pleats n buttons
green down to the floor coat
wait in line for the coffee machine
young women at the nearest table
quartet study group
ponder the ability of children
to reach the alphabet
good crows of the Spanish arch
some crumbs left for the sparrows
through 100% UV protection
waves the open ocean
new world
across the bay
somehow the difference now has come
with out effort
and all those stories never told
up in tobacco
cross the causeway
reach out into the disappeared

Grey Horse In Connecticut

Walked a waking dream
north by Thomas church
before the red wing black bird flew
where barn-breaking winter had not withdrew
even though the fourth day of sunlight
had woke the river form its sleep
and red birds sang with invisible birds
and the only other sound
fresh water ice berg scrapes against the shore
spun slowly in an eddy water loop
copper green burnish brown
pushed eventually further down around the bend
and myself to cross the wood plank bridge
must walk the stone wall borders an ancient flooded road
found there in some wood shake barn
himself framed in darker doorway
cocks his black edged ears to my whistle
slights his softer winter whiskered head to my whistle
no other movement

Soon Like Crows

and would I know
the winter
still sliding down
silvering the window
soft whispers
smoke secrets
the kitchen fire
and all those winter fires gone before
each ghost arrives upon the gale
welcomed here beside the hearth
each breath of my own
rare and gifted by such drifters
visible in smoke
audible in flame
never alone


places of wanting
to be
defying laws of impermenanity
new love
certain sultry afternoons
deep moonless night’s
rare constellations
breathing new airs
broad wings of morning

How You Look Today

you ask for
softer clothes
to nudity
you remember
types of
firm fingers
drapesing rhapsodly
you think of time
savouring lozgenly
past loves
live moments
even regret
soon wrapping
silk confidence
check mate your way out
silver day bright
sheer white
high altitude blue
a waiting

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