A poem by Emma Greaney

Hi, my name is Emma Greaney and I’m from Carnmore, Co. Galway. I’ll give you a clue about my age; I’m old enough to remember seeing the original Transformers in the Town Hall. As for my writing, I’ve been doing a lot of it lately. Maybe that says something about my age too. For someone who doesn’t want to reveal her age, I’m addressing it quite a lot. I’ll change the subject, not that I necessarily have to; it’s not an issue, it really isn’t! I’m running out of space now, I’m not even sure how many words I have; I wonder what that says about my writing. Anyway, if you are anyway more informed about me, then that makes one of us. I’ll leave it on that note as there is a chance I could get paranoid.

A poem by Emma Greaney

The Universe of my Heart

I’m not old
But older
And so far behind

The more I realise
The more I have to find

I’ve left it too late
But I haven’t even started

I can see it all ahead of me
So perhaps I have departed

Stay with me, I remind myself
I have to do it on my own

It’s only me I have to be
And the journey is my home.

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