Two poem by Bernie Jenkins

My name is Bernie Jenkins. I live in Carlow, Ireland.

I am a mum of 3 wonderful children.

Attending college full time studying social studies. Work for Tescos Ireland. Write Poetry and short stories in spare time.


Forest of Pleasure

With waterfalls of imagination

Running through her thoughts

She wanted him underneath them

Shifting her silky worn cloth

As rocks gave them a seat

To rest their love

Staring into each other’s eyes

Lovingly she wore her gloves

Taking them off one at a time

As he held her close

Their lives combined

Touching her lips

With his soft subtle kiss

She pushed herself closer

Wanting even more

Throwing her hair back

He could not ignore

Dipping his foot into the water

He pulled her in along with him

Their bodies wet

Longing for what was coming

But had not happened yet

Holding her closely even more now

Sharing how he felt

Someway somehow

Her eyes looked up to the sky above

His were closed

As he really felt their love

Not wanting this moment to ever end

His wondering hands.


Dragon Heart

Little Dragon by the sea shore

WHY DON’T  you come to see me anymore?

i wait and wait but your no where to be seen

Are you really there? or just a dream

I was walking along with my mum and dad

I remember feeling very sad

i cant recall why i looked out to sea

There you were staring right at me

The waves moved you closer and closer to me

My heart nearly stopped with excitment

It also made me feel a little scary

I stopped in my footsteps

they disappeared in the sand

you were right there in front of me

There up on the strand

My eyes dryed up and my sadness turned away

you changed my life forever

on that particular day


for you to come back

you understand and listen to me

and never judge me or give me any flack

I see you in my dreams and thoughts

Your always on my mind

But as im geting older now

your disappearing into the back of my head

so rest easy Dragon Boy

My heart is full of steel

I’m STRONGER now because of you

I know you are so real

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