JUST 10: A unique offer to our worldwide readership

10Spurred on by the successful launch of The Galway Review 3, printed edition, we are making a unique offer to our worldwide readership. This offer will enhance our sustainability and give a kick-start to The Galway Review 4 book which will launch again during the 2016 Cúirt festival.

Just ten of our readers will be offered advertising space on The Galway Review website for one calendar month at a competitive cost. The offer will be repeated each calendar month to 10 more chosen readers or the existing advertisers can stay in situ if they wish for the same rate for one extra month.
Our rate is 20c ($ or €) per day, six euro or dollars per calendar month!
beerCriteria for advertisers will be simple. Providing the advert is legal and inoffensive, you may advertise generally inter alia your publication, website, logo, teaching course, or event or any other matter pertinent to creative writing and publishing. Adverts will be displayed at the discretion of The Galway Review team. (Editing of advert may apply due to spatial and layout reasons.) Space for the advert will be restricted. As the saying goes “less is more”, just email us the essentials.
Here’s what to do. Email your advert to thegalwayreview@gmail.com. If accepted, you will get a notice of acceptance. Then pay for your advert for 1 calendar month via the pay/donate button on the website. June 2015 will start the process. Please write “GRAdvert” in the subject line of your email.
As an added incentive the first 100 inquiries will be entered for a draw for this unusual, if not unique, beercan radio celebrating Guinness and the Irish Rugby team with batteries included! The winner will be mentioned on the Galway Review website on 31 May 2015.

Get advertising!

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