A first ‘date’?

 Kernan Andrews  is from Galway. He is the Arts Editor and Political Correspondent for the Galway Advertiser newspaper.He holds an MA in English and a H Dipp in Applied Communications (Journalism) from NUI Galway.

A first ‘date’?

By  Kernan Andrews

SITTING IN a café on Dominick Street, my mind could not let go of the notion that it had all been a wonderful, though delusional dream. It was only a small part of me, but it was enough to cause doubt. Since the morning, I kept turning the event over and over in my head, an indulgence as much as a way of reassuring myself.. More…



Kate Ennals is currently doing the MA in Writing in NUI Galway. She has lived in Ireland (Dublin, Cavan, Galway) for the last 20 years, and worked as a co-ordinator and manager in various anti poverty and community sector programmes.

She has managed a variety of communication networks and enjoys working with local people. Kate writes poetry and short stories in her spare time.


by Kate Ennals

Waiting for the washing machine to complete its cycle, Ruth was recalling the first moment she saw Sean. It had been in a crowded cafe in London…their eyes had met over two rushed coffees at a table they were sharing. More…


Clifftop Vows

Seosamh Ó Riain is from Kerry and this is his first short story. Seosamh has spent many years working internationally in Software Engineering.  He has also worked in the Irish language sphere, including freelance/full-time journalism and has been published in Foinse, Feasta, Comhar , An tUltach, Gaelscéal, and the Galway Independent.

He holds a BSc degree in Computer Systems from UL and a post-graduate degree in Irish translation from NUIM.

Clifftop Vows

By Seosamh Ó Riain

The office front door closed with an unexpected booming, betraying thud behind him. So loud, that the cacophonous clang must have reverberated right throughout the elegant, yet soulless Georgian building he had just hastily exited. Uncharacteristically, he didn’t care. Not one bit. More…


Spoiled for choice

Eileen Bennett

Eileen Bennett is an experienced writer, editor and teacher. Her career spans over 25 years in media with an eclectic focus on lifestyle, business and spirituality in a number of private and public sector organisations. Eileen has a keen interest in Social Media and technology.

Spoiled for choice

by Eileen Bennett

“Where are you going?”


“But it’s raining.”

“So I’ll get wet! What do you care anyway?”

There was no answer to that. Not anymore.

Susan pulled the door hard behind her but it caught in the mat and what should have been a dramatic slam became a pathetic, muffled thud.

“Not with a bang but a whimper” Eddie said as he adjusted the crumpled mat and closed the door carefully. More…


Two short stories for childrem

Rachel Sutcliffe as a youngster had a great imagination and loved story and poetry writing. For a while writing took a back seat as she discovered the joys of foreign travel and language learning. However recent personal circumstances have led her back to creative writing. She is an active member of a writing group, has her own blog at and has seen many of her pieces published by various anthologies and journals including; thefirstcut, Pill Hill Press, Every Day Poets, Lynx, The Heron’s Nest and A Hundred Gourds.

Danny the Double Decker bus

by Rachel Sutcliffe

Danny loves being a double decker bus. He is proud to be the only double decker in town. As he drives around he towers above all the single deckers, the people in their cars and cyclists on their bikes. More…

The Biscuit who wanted to be a Cherry Bun

by Rachel Sutcliffe

You wouldn’t really give Biscuit a second glance. He is plain, flat and biscuit like, perfectly tasty and good to dunk in a cup of tea, just like thousands of others biscuits. However this Biscuit wants to be different. You see he’s met Cherry Bun. More…

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