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FUNNYWOW_e105a7286cfc80dbWelcome to The Galway Review literary page. In collaboration with the Galway Advertiser the Galway Review will be publishing a literary page as a feature in the Galway Advertiser each week from now on.  Read more...

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As Editor-in-chief for The Galway Review, it is a joy to invite you to submit some work.

Every consideration will be given in order to accommodate as many writers as possible, from near and far afield! Sharpen the pencil and share your thoughts!  Máire Holmes.


Boris A. Novak – Seven poems

Boris A. Novak[1]Boris A. Novak  is a Slovene poet,  playwright, translator, and essayist. He is a Professor at the Department  for Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the Faculty of Arts of  the University of Ljubljana

Our One House
We lie, after love, on a wrinkled
bed, intoxicated with the smell
of nearness yet already breathing
distance and we sketch on the last page… Read more…

Seamus11By Seamus Scanlon

In Galway I can’t forget. I flee often. To Rahoon. High above Galway City. The limestone Burren across Galway Bay is shrouded. Read more…


Liam Clancy,

One last petal floats down the Suir
from the red rose he sang about,
through the town he loved so well.
His voice was one you would hear
from inside your own chest. Read more…


This country is home to 9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the world. 12 of the world’s top selling medicines are made there and 9 of the top 10 IT companies in the world are based there.
Read more… 

Author-pic-Emily-CullenPlaying House

Today I’m in between the wall and the armrest in a kind of intertext, playing house with my son while trying to set up our real-life home.Read more…

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