Uinseann Mac Thómais – My Dolly from Dunmore

Uinseann Mac Thómais  (aka Vincent Holmes) likes lots of pastimes.  He starts his day at 6.30am with a sea swim in Blackrock, normally a very mirthful experience.  Its exhilaration fires him up for the rest of the day to dabble in computing, innovation and the occasional written piece for the Galway Review. He has a keen interest in an Ghaeilge and its perpetuation and holds a Master’s Degree in Language Planning, the science of passing language on to the next generation. Recently he was appointed to the new Public Water Forum set up to monitor the activities of Uisce Éireann (Irish Water) where he advocates rainwater harvesting. A retired civil servant, formerly of Roinn na Gaeltachta, he works part-time as a court interpreter.

My Dolly from Dunmore

She walks the Prom
With such aplomb
Her spinning
Makes hearts soar
Her smile so coy
Fills me with joy
My Dolly from Dunmore

Her gait is great
Upright and straight
An eye catcher
For sure
More craved than ore
You’d just adore
My Dolly from Dunmore

And in the gym
In that skimpy thing
Whistles shrill
Legs so long
To prompt this song
My Dolly from Dunmore

Her morning dips
Cause heartbeat skips
Her swimsuits
Stir up lore
T’would make you sing
For her I’d swing
My Dolly from Dunmore

Her unclad shoulder
Makes passion smoulder
Her laugh
I’d love to store
A glance my way
Just makes my day
My Dolly from Dunmore

Head held high
She swims right by
But then she comes
Her dripping skin
Occasions sin
My Dolly from Dunmore

Ochón Ochón
Is mór an brón
Nach Mormon mé
A stór
Mar céile a dó
Liom go deo
Mo Dolly as Dún Mór




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