Gretta Adair – Two poems

123Gretta Adair completed a Bachelor’s Degree with Equal Ireland in Business Enterprise and Community Development. She began writing poems some time ago. She loves to write as she finds it therapeutic and enjoys compiling poems and stories. She has a novel written to the tune of seventy pages, it is a story about a young woman who became pregnant in a time when it was not socially expectable. It is a heart rinsing story with some true life elements. She has a true love for words and believes that the experiences that people have can be communicated to others through poetry and tales.


Is it the loss of life or a soul returned to its maker,
Do we weep or loathe the taker.
Are they missing us or ease our pain on days were in distress,
There absents can leave our existence in a mess.
What is believed can either help or hinder,
As life’s progression can be a blender.
Tears roll down faces as goodbyes are said,
Others construct promises they may be sorry they made.
Heartache grief, Overwhelming sadness,
May exhibit depression, or for short whiles be construed
If not suffering symbols of madness.
Foundations are broken, structures altered,
Memories can become distorted.
To console is to identify with a loss endured,
To suffer in silence has no remedy or cure.
An extraordinary life needs to be noted,
For those who have passed through the course of our lives,
Are instilled in our memories their imprisoned and immortal.
Their Spirits remain with us,
We must be inflamed with pride, for been part of their lives,
Do them proud,
Have a strong mindset and survive.


Consider ones mind as a well tuned song
Interment on days like any other to long
Command not demand peace within ones core
Compassion is kind to one as a being, do not lower
To cherish the heart that beats within the chest,
To allow sympathy to start be contained and surface

Blame must be released to continue forward
Nature provides therapy as a creature is content to be itself
Hence it is you who merit the sentiment of love
God and his angels did not bring you into this world to be kicked to the curd
Accept as truth the body is worthy of that will
For they know your true appeal
The soul desires nourishment resembling a meal

Let the healing start and Love is within self-possession be truly love
And so too aspirate serving another we must foremost furnish and be our own title-holders
Or go astray in the interior trying, which then do we serve when we are no longer operating universal
Aloofness may emerge as an infirmity full of meaning
Within the soul lies the true meaning of love
Love is for all, start at this juncture, adornment be our decoration and excursion companion

Accept and allow piece within the foundation
For you are just as significant as another, believe in adoration
In all our gory, blunders or flaws one and each other
Absolutely freed, accepted and pronounced
On that road or trail to love oneself, is just as much an honor.

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7 Responses to Gretta Adair – Two poems

  1. Hi Gretta!

    Your poems are lovely and wonderful, you have a talent and I hope you will write and post more of your beautiful poems

    I can tell that everybody will love reading your poems

    You are amazing, never forget that!

    From one of your fans 😉

  2. clodagh123 says:

    Gretta ,
    You’ve an amazing way with words!
    Your expression is truely touching.
    I hope to see more of your inspiring pieces in the future published 🙂
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Gretta,
    I love your poems!
    They brought tears to my eyes.
    Reminds me of my grandfather 🙂

  4. great read and very meaningful,Gretta

  5. belclare says:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful Gift!

  6. maxandmisty says:

    Gretta,Your poems are great !!!!
    You should keep on writing them

  7. elizabeth134 says:

    Well done,
    Keep it up !!The poems are brilliant

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